What is the FISH Platform

The FISH Platform is a platform for and by organizations involved in safety and health in the fishing industry.


The ambitions of the FISH platform, among others, are:
  • to share information that contributes improving the safety and health of fishers on board;
  • to promote the collection of reliable data on numbers accidents and near misses in fisheries and its causes;
  • where possible, to harmonize existing resources and requirements concerning the safety and health of fishers.


Any organization that has an interest in the safety and health of fishers is free to participate in the FISH Platform. At this moment there are no costs associated with participation, with the exception of the costs that they themselves make to participate in meetings of the platform.

For 2020 the meeting of the FISH Platform will take place:
  • No scheduled meetings.

Please be aware the applied languages in the FISH Platform is English.


For questions, comments or to show your interest to participate, you can contact the FISH Platform.
Contact information can be found on our contact page.