This pages gives you an overvieww of other interesting website concerning fishers safety and health.

Fish Safe
A website by the U.S. Coast Guard sharing information regarding adequate safety training and effective educational tools.

The U.S. Coast Guard  runs a program to improve the safety on commercial fishing vessels.
By sharing information they help to meet the goal of reducing fatalities in the fishing community so that it is no more dangerous than any other segment of the maritime industry. A team of safety oriented and highly motivated individuals manages the program.

Safety for Fishermen
The website Safety for Fishermen is hosted by FAO and managed by a selected group of experts contributing information and material on safety at sea in the fisheries sector.

Flagship project
The link directly leads you to the page of the kick-off meeting of the flagship project. This kick-off meeting was to lay the groundwork for developing a plan to reduce the number of accidents in fisheries in the Baltic region.