During the EU Maritime Day, May 2012 in Gothenburg, a number of representatives from the fishing industry expressed the need to achieve more coöperation between countries to ensure continuous improvement of the safety and health of fishers. This led to a first meeting of the Fishing Industry's Safety and Health Platform (FISH Platform) in September 2012 in Riga, Latvia.

The FISH Platform is now the world leading group of experts involved in safety and health in the fishing industry with participants from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and the UN agency Food and Agriculture Organisation. The platform is open to organizations with an interest in the safety and health of fishermen.

With this site the FISH Platform hopes to contribute to further improvement of the safety and health of fishers on board fishing vessels.


12-04-2023 FISH Platform Asian branch

Following the FISH Platform conference in Sri Racha, Thailand in Novemver 2022, a number of participants expressed interest in setting up a FISH Platform Asian branch. With success, as the first (online) meeting of the FISH Platform Asian branch will be held on Wednesday 3 May 2023 with participants from Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


European guide for risk prevention in small fishing vessels
EU guide for risk prevention in small fishing vesselsThis guide is designed to prevent risk for small fishing vessels and those working on them, so that both the vessels and their crews return safe and sound after a trip. Given that these vessels account for about 80% of the EU’s entire fishing fleet and that fatalities, injuries and lost vessels are at unacceptable levels, this guide is critical in preventing risks and protecting the wider fishing communities. The different modules in the guide focus on key areas, notably the vessel, the crew, fishing operations, real case events, risk assessment and additional information such as flotation devices, stability, first aid, work equipment and emergency drills. A glossary along with illustrations, photos and charts serve to highlight the important points in the guide, making it an extremely user-friendly reference.

The guide is free to download in the languages of the European Union by clicking on the image or at

If you open de website you can select your preferable language underneath the image of the guide.

Guide for New Fishing Crew presented by Sunderland Marine and The North of England P&I Association

Loss Prevention Guide by Sunderland Marine and The North of England P&I Association
Sunderland Marine and The North of England P&I Association present a new ‘comic’ style loss prevention guide on fishing safety aimed at new joiners. 

It is aimed at those new to the industry and is designed to supplement the training a new crew member should receive when joining a fishing vessel for the first time. Reading the book prior to joining could better prepare them and guide them on what questions to ask and what to look for when on board. The guide is not focused at any particular geographical area or type of fishing vessel. It aims to be as general as possible in order to make it relevant to the highest number of fishers.

It is free to download from Sunderland Marine’s website by clicking on the image or at