VDAB Maritime Trainingcenter Zeebrugge

VDAB organises training for fishermen based on safety and health (based on the Belgium governemental Decree 13/11/2009)

- Module 1 (8 hours) : Stabilit, safety of boom and winches and mooring operations, personal safety, 
- Module 2 (12 hours): Basic Safety Training STCW A - VI/1 § 1 - 1 Personal Survival Techniques
  Basic Safety Training STCW A - VI/1 § 1 - 4 Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities
- Module 3 (16 hours): Basic Safety Training STCW A - VI/1 § 1 - 2 Basic Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
- Module 4 (12 hours): Basic Safety Training STCW A - VI/1 § 1 - 3 Medical First Aid
- GMDSS GOC (80 hours): GMDSS STCW A - IV/2 A4 - Global Operator
- Helmsman (80 hours)
- Engineer on ships less than 221 kW (120 hours)
VDAB CC Maritiem Zeebrugge
L. Blondeellaan 9 - 8380 Zeebrugge


Skagen Skipperskole
Skagen Skipperskole has since 1912 educated navigators to the fishing and the merchant.
The school offers a huge palette of maritime after education and courses to the maritime sector.
Skagen Skipperskole is the only remaining shipping school with about 100 year students and 15 skilled and qualified employees.
It’s a modern and vocational educational institution with focus on well-being and study environment. 
In january 2012 The shipping school moved into a new building, with the most beautiful location in Denmark. The “ship” is located with view over Kattegat outside the door.    
Their students are coming from the whole north. After ended education the students get job as navigations in the fishing and merchant industry . 
In autumm 2012 Skagen Skipperskole used their new TRANSAS simulator for the first time and ensures the schools “State of the Art”. With this simulator they had the possibility to “support” courses and education with realistic and updated exercises.
At the GMDSS-area the school had all types of maritime radio courses. As the only one in Denmark, Skagen Skipperskole offer a special technician course for people who should do radio inspection on GMDSS ships.  
The Skipper’s 3rd Class Examination (Skipper of 3. class) -Duration: 21 weeks
The Skipper’s 1st Class Examination (Skipper of 1. Class) -Duration: 63 weeks
The Home Trade Master’s Examination (Costal skipper) -Duration: 21 weeks
Restricted Master (Master, restricted) -Duration: 63 weeks
RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) -Duration: 4 days
ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) -Duration: 4 days
ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) -Duration: 4 days
Radio Communications:
GMDSS – General Operator’s Certificate (GOC) -Duration: 10 days
GMDSS – Long Range Certificate (LRC) -Duration: 9 days
GMDSS – Restricted Operator’s Certificate (ROC) -Duration: 5 days
GMDSS – Refresher Training (GOC Refresh) -Duration: 5 days

MARTEC is a maritime and polytechnic college, situated in Frederikshavn in Northern Jutland, Denmark. We offer a broad variety of maritime educations and courses e.g. marine engineer, ship’s machinist, and ship’s assistant. We also cover several offshore courses.
Re-education for fishermen:
A fisherman with more than 1080 days at sea with fishing vessels above 15 meters and a valid Danish health certificate for seafarers, can participate in this course. Duration: 3 weeks. When the course is completed, the following certificates are issued:
Ordinary ship’s assistant
First aid (STCW VI/1-3)
Navigational watchkeeping certificate (STCW II/4)
Training in firefighting on board ships (STCW VI/1)
Competency in survival crafts and rescue boats (STCW VI/-2-1)
Tanker Familiarization (STCW V/1)
Basic Training course: duration 3 days
STCW A-VI/1-1: Safety at sea
STCW A-VI/1-3: personal safety
STCW A-VI/1-4: first aid
Combined with a 3 day firefighting course, this is equivalent to the Norwegian IMO60 certificate
Proficiency in Motoroperation: Duration 11 days
ROC – GMDSS course, duration 5 days
You can also book STCW firefighting courses through us.

Fiskeskolen euc nordvest
Fisheries Training Centre trains fishermen and employees for the coastal maritime sector – this means crew on small ferries, pilots, emergency units, offshore wind parks etc.

Their training programmes are covered by the quality certification of the Danish Maritime Authority.

The school is located in Thyborøn, but they conduct training courses all over the country, both from their training ships and from rented premises.

Fiskeskolen offer safety courses, basic training programmes for commercial fishermen and a wide range of supplementary training courses for employees and the unemployed.

Every year, between 500 and 600 students and course participants sign up for the programmes.

As the only fisheries school in Denmark, they work hard to offer high-quality training programmes that are extremely user-oriented.

They also focus on fisheries as an international profession and collaborate with other fisheries schools across Europe. This means that the teachers are always up-to-date about international issues, but also that we can help create contacts for students and course participants.

In Thyborøn they have excellent teaching facilities, both for theory teaching and for workshops.

Students and course participants are offered room and board at the school during their stay. We have rooms as well as small flats. On the stay, Fiskeskolen has a lot of activities and facilities you can do in the spare time.  

Fiskeskolens training ship “Athene” is brand new and offers state-of-the art teaching facilities.

Courses can be conducted on Athene in all fishing ports where there is a need.

Working at sea can be dangerous. Safety is thus a high priority at the school. They make sure that you receive thorough instruction before you start your practical exercises, their teaching environment is healthy and safe and we have an alcohol and abuse policy to support this.

Fiskeskolen is a part of EUC Nordvest (centre for business and education) and they are therefore able to offer a wide range of courses and training programmes related to their main focus area. This could include management, finance, IT, language and practice-oriented programmes, e.g. in transport, engines and hydraulics.
Please, contact Fiskeriskolen for further information on the school, our training offers and facilities.
Safety at sea for commercial fishermen - Duration: 15 days
(Mandatory for all new fishermen)
Safety at sea for experienced commercial fishermen - Duration: 5 days
Basis management training - Duration: 15 days
Certificate of competency in sailing for fishermen - Duration: 15 days
(incl. the exam)
Quality handling of fresh fish• On the boat , sorting plant, -Duration: 3 days
at the auction
Certificate of competency in motor operation - Duration: 10 days
General food hygiene - mandatory certificate - Duration: 3.2 days
Masters of fishing vessels of less than 9 meters - Duration 5 days
Medical examiner training - inventory type B-C - Duration: 5-2 days
Medical examiner training -inventory type B-C, refresher course - Duration: 3-1 days
Maritime English - Duration: 5 days
Upkeep of fishing equipment (mending and splicing) - Duration: 10 days
ROC certificate (incl. the exam) - Duration: 5 days
Radio Communications in sea area A2/LRC (incl. the exam) - Duration: 10 days
Repair welding - Duration: 5 days
Hydraulics - Duration: 5 days
§26 course - Duration: 1 day
Timetable for training of young people under aged of 18 (between 16-25) years to become a Commercial Fisherman
The Basic education is rated to 2 years, with 22 weeks of basic course that takes place on a fishing school and the rest as practical training on commercial fishing vessels.
When the total training is successfully completed, the student acquires 'THE BLUE DIPLOMA', which gives the right to sail as a fisherman on all fishing vessels.
And at the same time gives certificate as skipper on fishing vessels up to 15 meters pp. if the student has passed all modules of the training.
Furthermore it gives young fishermen certain advantages in lending funds from financial institutes and quotas from the Ministry.

Danish Maritime Authority
Medical examiner training - inventory type A-B-C -Duration: 14-5-2 days
Medical examiner training -inventory type A-B-C, refresher course -Duration: 5-3-1 days